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The facility housing the Cleveland Sleep Research Center is well suited for meeting the up-to-date and ever evolving requirements for clinical research in Phases 2-4. The Center includes two sound attenuated bedrooms,  a temperature controlled double locked drug storage room, a separate area for processing blood and urine samples, a minus forty freezer and security cameras. The bedrooms are equipped with the most up to date monitoring equipment for EEG, EOG, EMG, respiratory, visual and auditory monitoring capability. Newly added brain mapping capability may contribute significantly to our future understanding of sleep disorders and their treatments. An independent free-standing sleep research facility, we can often avoid the often lengthy delays in start-up and completion of research studies as seen in university or hospital based centers.

Our Wireless Sleep System

Our equipment features the Somnoscreen Plus- the smallest full PSG available. It can record and store up to 58 channels of PSG data in a palm sized unit worn by the patient. A key feature of our PSG system is its built in wireless synchronization of video and audio signals. Sensors from the patient are attached directly to the unit worn on the chest without limiting movement.

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